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Breakfast Tea ‘Special Blend’ Pyramid Tea Bags / Tea total

Breakfast Tea 'Special Blend' Pyramid Tea Bags / Tea totalImagine the taste and flavour of perfectly steeped Tea Total tea in a teapot with the convenience of a tea bag. Delux pyramid tea bags are a new type of innovative brewing. Unlike conventional tea bags the pyramid shape allows full leaf teas the space to expand and brew perfectly, just as they would in a tea pot. Tea isn’t hidden behind bleached paper but available for inspection behind a shimmering gossamer filter.
DESCRIPTION Tea Total’s signature breakfast blend made from the finest selection of ‘leafy grades’ available in Sri Lanka, the home of Ceylon tea. The perfect tea for every day drinking, at any time. INGREDIENTS Ceylon black tea STRENGTH Medium, with or without milk TO MAKE Use one pyramid tea bag for small teapot or large cup/mug (up to 350ml) Add freshly boiled water Steep for 3-4 minutes then pour YOU’LL LIKE THIS TEA IF YOU LIKE A good all-round brew from first thing in the morning to last thing at night