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Propolis Throat Spray 30ml


Propolis is a natural product which is a mixture of various amounts of beewax and resins collected by the honeybee from plants. Particularly from flowers and leaf buds. Health Life Bee Propolis Thoat Spray combines propolis with myrrh and a blend of essential oils to freshen the breath and protect and soothe irritated membranes of the mouth and throat.

Product Name Propolis Throat Spray 30ml
Manufacturer Health Life NewZealand.Ltd
Size 30ml
Ingredients Propolis 1.97%, Molesworth Honey 9.81%, Propylene Glycol USP 24.22%, Water 62.19%, Lecithin 0.57%, Essential Oils-Peppermint 0.89%, Aniseed 0.29%, Clove Leaf 0.03%, Myrrh 0.03%
Directions Refreshing throat spray and breath freshener. Shake well before using. Avoid contact with the eye or nose.