About Shipment

・The shipping cost (equally) should be payed by the customer.

・The consumption tax is always included in the written product price (tax-included price).

・Please note that shipments with international flights may require a custom duty.

In case a custom duty is required, it should be payed by the customer.
(For high priced products, we may make the decision to devide the shipment in separate boxes or ship them on separate flights.)

Shipment time

After receiving the order, we will make the shipment within three business days.

After that the products arrive to an average 5 to 10 days by Fedex or NZ international Express service.

(subject to transport and customs controls)

Policy for shipment

For shipments by air, we send our products with international mail from New Zealand.

The shipments are fully entrusted to the affiliated shipping business Fedex.

For questions regarding your shipment status, please send them to Fedex or NZ international Express service.

The products are carefully packed with aircushions,
but the airport customs may open the boxes for inspection
or because of some trouble with the products during the change from air transportation to land delivery.

Please note that any complaint regarding repacking and returning of goods
because of trouble occurring during the transportation are not our responsibility.


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